Thinking of visiting?  Here’s answers to some of your questions, given by a newer member of the church.


How does Aldersgate’s church service differ from other church services? 

A newer member says: “It’s much less formal and far less intimidating.  It is a very warm welcoming community that bypasses formality and focuses on simple love of God and one another. Aldersgate is more simple in structure rather than having formal rituals.  The service is very informal, with casual or professional dress, and kids wear whatever they feel comfortable in. It’s a nice, warm, comfortable, spiritually enlightening experience for a first-time visitor.”

Will I leave feeling closer to God?

“I carry the week’s message with me throughout the week. I always feel closer to God when I leave. I feel hope. I feel love and want to do better and be better.”

What if I don’t know what to do at the service? I will feel awkward?

“The service is not the formal Stand, Sit, Kneel service that I was used to. It is so easy to follow. I remember my first service I went up to Sam and asked him “how will I know when to sit, stand or kneel?  He said, “You will know” and he was right. I just followed and never once felt awkward.”

Where do I sit? Will I take someone’s seat?  

“If someone new is in our “regular” seat it just means to say hello and sit next to them, and help them feel welcome as well.”

What will I expect for the service itself? How long is it?

“The service is approximately 45 – 60 minutes. It’s a very upbeat “good feeling” service. I have never left a service saying I wish I had not gone. 100% of the time it brightens my day and week!! :)”

I grew up Catholic.  Can I participate in Communion?  Is it okay if I was baptized in the Catholic church?

The United Methodist Church practices an “open table” – all are welcome to come, of any age.  We celebrate Communion the first Sunday of every month.  Baptism is universal: it is recognized across almost all churches of any kind.  We recognize any baptism done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.